Kristi Neslon standing on a backyard deck.

Kristi Nelson

Artist. Interior designer.
Product designer.
Founder of KMND.

EVERYONE IS A STUDY IN CONTRAST. The same person who loves to throw a party also loves to be left alone with their books. They fill their brain with romantic languages and lose their mind at the Lakers game. Globe-trotting is euphoria. A quiet garden is Utopia. Both world history and the Earth’s future matter to them. They focus on details, all while seeing the big picture…

OR AT LEAST THAT’S ME. What are your dichotomies? That’s what we aim to explore…

Kristi Neslon home interior example


Studio art and art history occupy much of my story, but Art itself is etched in my DNA. My grandfather was a master mechanical artist and draftsman. So I grew up in the arms of a Great who taught me, among many things, that, “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. PERSISTENCE AND DETERMINATION ALONE ARE OMNIPOTENT.

This mindset is a pledge to always get your hands dirty, a promise to know your craft…and, I’ve known a few.

I’ve worked in garment manufacturing, art consulting, in a bespoke LA advertising/PR agency, and global marketing in a major movie studio. I learned from all of them, but those were just jobs…

It took a clash of happy accidents, a stroke of insight, and the dovetailing of all my creative and corporate experience to find this work and found KMND. What’s beautiful and refreshing about
Interior Design – my vocation for the past two decades – is that it’s ART WITHOUT THE ARTIST’S EGO.

Placing decorative pieces in living room display.


My personal, signature style is irrelevant in this context. Instead, it’s the distillation of who you’ve been and who you are now…leaving space for who you will be.

In our work together, we define what’s right for your lifestyle and what sustains your spirit.

Your past, your present, your quirks, your contradictions, your dreams, your desires…this is your lore. These are the forces we touch and mesh. In other words, our process goes far deeper than color choice and where to place the furniture.

Ultimately, this is how we unfold your vision. Like a favorite painting or book or song, we design spaces you love returning to again and again.